Zenzele Fitness

Improve health and wellbeing! Create a positive impact on overall productivity! Increase performance! Zenzele Fitness brings tech, health, joy to your modern, go-getting lifestyle. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce the risks of diabetes, heart and kidney disease, control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Exercise. It kick-starts your energy, boosts your mood, steadies your focus and transforms your brain with immediate, long-lasting protective benefits. Zenzele Fitness, helps corporates, students, public and commercial sector employees make the necessary lifestyle choices to improve quality of life while reducing overall lifestyle related health risks.

Physical activity, primary health care and psychosocial wellbeing are vital to overall health and wellbeing. That’s where Zenzele Fitness steps in, positively impacting productivity and performance, delivering proven real health outcomes thanks to end-to-end wellness solutions that use a proven methodology.

in absenteeism of members that actively participate.
in member efficiency and productivity at work/school.


Improve Energy & Performance

Improve health, wellbeing and lifestyle | Increase muscle strength and overall activity level | Be more productive, more attentive and stay focused for longer | Modify behaviour and create sustainable change.

Personalised Training Programmes

Personalised programs based on individual member needs & aspirations | Integrated assessments, with effective follow-up and follow-on procedures | Professionally designed coaching platforms and procedures | Focus on behaviour modification and results | Ongoing educational intervention.

Ongoing Wellness Management

Wellness and disease management delivered through the MyWellness system with options to bring medical staff onsite | Real time, informed intervention for all members via fully integrated technological platforms | Exercise program offerings proven to lower disease risk | Professional member induction and risk stratification.

Maximum Member Engagement & Retention

Sign-up process takes just a few minutes and includes MyWellness Cloud integration | Member goals are mapped onto detailed member assessments using research methodology from the American College of Sports Medicine Risk stratified exercise programmes


All in-facility exercise activity is directly captured and tracked through key technology and the Mywellness phone app | Outdoor activity captured through the Mywellness phone app and linked to 3rd party devices | Continuous, real time tracking and reporting to members and Discovery Health through the MyWellness Cloud.


Raise the Bar

  • Indoor and outdoor training and sports.
  • Member assessment, body measurements and nutrition.
  • Programming and professional coaching.
  • Personalised, targeted and integrated wellness behaviour modification.
  • Connected tracking and management.
  • Full access to MyWellnessCloud.